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Urgent Care X Ray

Get an urgent care X ray fast at CareWell.

When you need an urgent care X ray, the last thing you want to do is wait around for hours to see a radiologist or an immediate care physician. Chances are, if you need an urgent care X ray, you’re already pretty uncomfortable. Whether you are suffering from a broken bone, kidney stones, chest pain or difficulty breathing, you want to get an X ray fast – so you can get a diagnosis and start on the road to recovery sooner versus later.

Here’s the problem: if you go to the emergency room for an urgent care X ray, you’re likely going to wait. That’s because emergency rooms are often filled with people with life-threatening conditions that require immediate care. Less critical needs – like an urgent care X ray – will inevitably be a lower priority.

It’s different at CareWell Urgent Care. You can often be seen for an urgent care X ray, including a chest X ray, in as little as 15 minutes. How is that possible? For one thing, we leave the life-threatening emergencies for the ER, so there are fewer patients to see. And we are much more efficient at managing acute care services, since it’s all we do.

A more pleasant environment for an urgent care X ray.

While you can get an urgent care X ray faster at CareWell, you’ll also enjoy a more pleasant experience. In your short wait to see a clinician, you can relax in quiet waiting rooms designed with soft lighting – a big change from the stressful environment and harsh lighting of most emergency rooms. Our care rooms are designed to enable our clinicians to provide you the best medical care possible, with state-of-the-art urgent care X ray equipment as well as EKG test monitors and an on-site lab for extra convenience.

And then there’s the cost advantage. Visiting the ER is always an expensive prospect, even if you have insurance. At CareWell, the cost of an urgent care X ray will be lower than what you’d expect at the emergency room.

After the urgent care X ray: additional medical services from CareWell urgent Care.

An urgent care X ray is just one of many services you’ll find at your local CareWell Urgent Care center. From treating colds and flu to headaches, indigestion and other non-life-threatening injuries, CareWell is the place to go when you can’t wait to see your regular doctor, and you want to skip the long lines and high co-pays at the emergency room. Each CareWell Urgent Care clinic is open seven days a week to treat your medical needs any day your symptoms may arise.