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Rashes & Allergic Reactions

Urgent Care for Rashes & Allergic Reactions

When dealing with unexpected skin conditions like rashes or allergic reactions, you can count on CareWell Urgent Care for immediate, expert care for the whole family. 

Whether it's an irritating rash, an unexpected allergic reaction, or any skin discomfort, our team is here to offer reliable care for skin issues affecting patients of all ages. 

We understand the discomfort that skin conditions can cause, so our doors are open daily, catering to your needs without needing to schedule an appointment.

Visit us today to get effective urgent care for a rash or allergic reaction so you can feel your best.

Should I Go to Urgent Care or the ER for an Allergic Reaction?

Deciding between urgent care and the emergency room for an allergic reaction depends on the severity of the symptoms. 

Urgent care is best for mild to moderate allergic reactions, such as rashes, swelling, or itching. However, if you experience severe symptoms like difficulty breathing, swelling in the throat, dizziness, a rapid drop in blood pressure, or any symptoms that indicate anaphylaxis, it's critical to go to the emergency room or call 9-1-1 immediately.

Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening allergic reaction that requires immediate medical attention, often treated with epinephrine. If you're uncertain about the severity of the reaction, visit CareWell Urgent Care for further evaluation and prompt care. 

When to Visit Urgent Care for Hives 

If you have hives, you should visit urgent care if your symptoms are causing discomfort and are not improving with over-the-counter antihistamines or home remedies. 

If the hives are accompanied by other concerning symptoms such as difficulty breathing, swelling in the throat or face, dizziness, or if they persist for an extended period without relief, seeking urgent medical attention is essential. 

When to Go to Urgent Care for a Rash

You should consider going to urgent care for a rash if it's accompanied by other symptoms like fever pain or if the rash is widespread, severe, or not improving with over-the-counter treatments. 

If the rash is causing significant discomfort difficulty breathing, or if you're uncertain about the cause of the rash, seeking urgent medical attention is recommended. 

If you're experiencing a severe allergic reaction or the rash is associated with other serious symptoms, dial 9-1-1 for immediate emergency care.

What Will Urgent Care Do for an Allergic Reaction or Rash?

When you visit urgent care for a rash or an allergic reaction, we will assess and treat you by examining the symptoms and providing medications to help relieve discomfort. 

You may be prescribed antihistamines or creams to reduce itching or swelling.

In more severe cases, specialized medications or treatments may be provided to address severe allergic reactions. 

If necessary, in rare cases, you may be referred to a specialist for further care or follow-up.

Timely and Effective Urgent Care for a Rash or Allergic Reaction 

At CareWell Urgent Care, we specialize in treating a wide variety of symptoms, including rashes, allergic reactions, and skin irritations, with our innovative urgent care services.

We are open every day, serving patients of all ages. 

If you or someone you know has a rash, allergic reaction, or skin irritation that requires medical attention, our expert team is ready to help. With multiple locations across Massachusetts and Rhode Island, we offer accessible and timely care. 

Find your nearest urgent care location for prompt and convenient treatment for your rash or allergic reaction today.

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