CareWell Urgent Care is healthcare, available when you need it, without an appointment.  We see patients of all ages including pediatrics.  Our medical staff are members of your community who work in close collaboration with your healthcare team.

Our physician-led clinical teams have great communication skills and work hard to answer every question and make every patient feel at ease.

We take a personal interest in your health and keep you informed about flu shots, vaccinations and health screenings that may benefit you and your family.

CareWell Urgent Care’s comprehensive approach to urgent care includes on-site labs, x-ray capabilities and dispensing of common medications. We’ll even send your visit summary to your primary care doctor or a specialist.

Prompt, quality care from the moment you walk in, through your recovery and beyond—that’s CareWell Urgent Care’s approach to patient care that focuses on YOU.


We adhere to all health & safety guidelines to promote a healthy environment, no smoking (including cigarettes or vapes) on any CareWell premise.