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Urgent Care for Infants

CareWell Urgent Care: taking the stress out of urgent care for infants.

It’s often hard to know when to seek urgent care for infants. You want to be sure to give your child immediate care for anything serious, but it’s tough to know whether a fever, a rash or a cough is really something to worry about. Getting urgent care for infants at the emergency room is a possibility, but chances are you’ll have to wait for hours while other more serious patients get seen first, and sitting around a loud ER with a cranky infant will only make a stressful situation more difficult.

CareWell Urgent Care provides another option for urgent care for infants six months and older. Our clinics provide pediatric urgent care services on a walk-in basis, and our children’s urgent care team is experienced in treating all kinds of children’s illnesses and injuries. In most locations, you can see a clinician for urgent care for infants in as little as 15 minutes. And because we accept all major insurance plans and offer highly affordable rates for urgent care for kids, your visit to CareWell will likely be much more affordable than a trip to the ER.

Urgent care for infants in a soothing setting.

Unlike a visit to the emergency room, getting urgent care for infants at CareWell is a calm and comfortable experience. Our waiting rooms are quiet places with soft lighting, and we offer play areas to help distract and entertain kids during your short wait to see a clinician.

Our care rooms are also designed to keep you and your child comfortable during the exam. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment like x-ray machines and on-site labs. That means we can offer you comprehensive urgent care for infants – you won’t have to go elsewhere to have tests or blood work performed.

Our kids urgent care team has lots of experience treating a wide range of ailments and injuries. And we’re especially good at calming nervous patients and communicating clearly with parents about diagnoses and the steps required to help your child get better faster.

Types of urgent care for infants available at CareWell.

For urgent care for infants, we can provide treatment for:

  • Colds and flu symptoms
  • Asthma
  • Infections of the ears, eyes and skin
  • Sore throats and strep throat
  • Mild to moderate rashes
  • Many other medical conditions

In addition to urgent care for infants, we provide routine physical exams and vaccinations, including a flu shot for kids.

CareWell Urgent Care centers are open seven days a week and include 17 locations throughout eastern Massachusetts and in Warwick, Rhode Island.