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Get immediate medical help at a CareWell Urgent Care clinic.

When your medical needs are urgent but don’t require emergency room treatment, you’ll find fast and convenient medical care at a CareWell Urgent Care clinic.

There are a lot of times when you’d like to see a medical professional quickly but don’t want to spend hours in the ER waiting room or pay a costly ER fee. Seeing your primary care physician could be a possibility – unless it’s the weekend or after hours. That’s when visiting our urgent care clinic makes the most sense and can save you the most money.

At CareWell, we offer a wide range of urgent care services delivered on a walk-in basis and at highly affordable rates. We accept all major insurance plans, plus Medicare and Medicaid. But if you don’t have insurance, you’ll still find the cost of treatment at our urgent care clinic incredibly reasonable.

Here’s the best news: the wait time at a CareWell Urgent Care clinic is typically 15 minutes or less – far faster than a trip to the ER or waiting until your regular doctor’s office is open again.

Services provided by our Urgent Care clinic professionals.

From treating fevers and testing for strep throat to taking x-rays and addressing allergies, our clinical professionals are experienced in all types of care and provide services for patients age 6 months and up. Our facilities are equipped with labs, X ray machines, EKG machines and other state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with full-service, one-stop healthcare services.

Our urgent care clinic services include treatment for:

  • Colds and flu – we help reduce fevers, treat symptoms and prevent complications from colds and flu viruses.
  • Injuries and accidents – our team can treat cuts, abrasions, sprains, broken bones and more, delivering fast and convenient care without the long wait times of an emergency room.
  • Allergic reactions – we help treat non-life-threatening allergies.
  • Vaccinations and health screenings – including flu shots, an STD clinic and vaccinations for a wide range of diseases.
  • Children’s illnesses and injuries – our clinical staff is highly experienced at working with children and treating common ailments such as infections, rashes, cuts, fractures and more.
  • Physical exams – many primary care physicians will make you wait months for a physical exam. At our Urgent Care clinic, your wait for an urgent care physical is usually 15 minutes or less.
  • Occupational medicine – we provide physical exams, DOT physicals, drug testing and workers comp services to help employers reduce the cost of healthcare.

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We offer 17 urgent care locations throughout eastern Massachusetts and in Warwick, Rhode Island.