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Respiratory Fitness Test

Schedule a same-day respiratory fitness test at CareWell.

A respiratory fitness test is a common workplace assessment of a worker’s ability to perform certain tasks, or of the impact of the workplace environment on a worker’s health. While a respiratory fitness test like a spirometry test may be required by OSHA regulations or mandated by your own workplace policies, actually scheduling workers for this kind of pulmonary function test is no easy feat.

Primary care physicians and pulmonary specialists can perform a respiratory fitness test but getting into see a doctor can take days or weeks. Going to the emergency room for a respiratory fitness test is rarely an effective option – most ERs have too many other cases to perform this kind of routine exam. And even if you can find ER docs willing to do it, your workers may have to spend the better part of the day sitting around a waiting room before being examined.

CareWell Urgent Care offers a better solution: a walk-in health clinic that can provide a same-day respiratory fitness test, enabling your workers to get back to work as soon as possible.

How a CareWell respiratory fitness test works.

You’ll find CareWell Urgent Care centers in 17 locations throughout eastern Massachusetts and in Warwick, Rhode Island. Each of our clinics is open seven days a week, and many feature extended hours that allow employees to stop by before or after work.

When seeking a respiratory fitness test, workers can simply walk into a clinic and, in most cases, see a physician in as little as 15 minutes. Workers can reduce their wait time even more by scheduling an appointment.

During the respiratory fitness test, employees will be seen in specially designed care rooms by clinicians who have this kind of occupational health exam down to a science. Each of our clinics features an on-site lab as well as state-of-the-art medical and diagnostic equipment, enabling us to perform many tests and exams on the spot.

Beyond a respiratory fitness test: additional occupational health services from CareWell.

As a clinic that specializes in both personal and occupational health services, CareWell provides a wide range of urgent care services in addition to a respiratory fitness test, including services that can help to keep your workforce healthy while minimizing the cost of healthcare expenses.

Our occupational health services include drug screenings, DOT physicals, EKGs, blood and urine labs, and workers’ compensation injury and illness management. We also offer a flu shot clinic and STD testing, as well as a wide range of urgent care for non-life-threatening medical conditions.