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Physical for School Sports

Get a same-day physical for school sports at CareWell.

When your child needs a physical for school sports, CareWell Urgent Care centers provide same-day service with little to no wait time – and a fee that anyone can afford.

A physical for school sports is one of those annual chores that never seems to get easier. Almost every sport these days – from football and basketball to softball and crew – requires that students get a sports physical before they get anywhere near the gym, field or water for a first practice.

But what’s a parent to do when scheduling an appointment for physical exam at your regular doctor’s office can take weeks or months, and getting a physical at the ER could mean waiting for hours – if they don’t turn you away and refer you back to your primary care physician?

CareWell Urgent Care provides an easy and affordable alternative – a same-day physical for school sports and for any other purpose where you can walk in and see a doctor in as little as 15 minutes, or even faster if you call ahead for an appointment.

What to expect from a physical for school sports at CareWell.

CareWell Urgent Care centers are open seven days a week to meet your needs for an urgent care physical and other medical needs. When you arrive for a physical for school sports at one of our 17 urgent care center locations throughout eastern Massachusetts and in Warwick, Rhode Island, you’ll receive a warm greeting and will spend your short waiting time in rooms designed for calm and comfort. We even have a children’s play area to help calm the nerves of smaller children and to give tired parents a break.

Once your appointment for a physical for school sports begins, you’ll be seen in one of our state-of-the-art care rooms that’s designed to help us provide you with best possible medical care. Each of our facilities has an on-site lab that can process bloodwork quickly, and medical equipment like X-ray machines, EKG machines and other diagnostic equipment that can help us perform a variety of tests on the spot.

Paying for your physical for school sports.

When paying for your physical for school sports, we accept all major forms of insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid. And for patients that don’t have insurance, we offer affordable fees and self-pay options that make CareWell a great option for any kind of urgent care physical or other medical needs.

To schedule your physical for school sports (or to find the closest CareWell health clinic for a walk-in appointment), view our list of locations by clicking here.