Skip the line at the ER with CareWell Urgent Care’s quick and easy X-Ray process.
If you’ve got a broken bone there’s no reason to wait around for ER staff to find the time for you. At CareWell, it’s the other way around.

It’s almost straight out of science fiction how doctors can use X-­rays to look inside your body, but if you’re in pain or on a tight schedule, the only thing you care about the procedure is how fast you can get it done. Especially if you had the poor fortune to break or fracture a bone, the speed with which clinicians can help you is probably your only concern.

ERs are X-ray bottlenecks
Emergency rooms are staffed with some of the most qualified clinicians in the country, but that level of medical expertise doesn’t mean ERs run like well­oiled machines. In fact, though a minor bone break or fracture can cause you tremendous amounts of pain, if the injury isn’t life­threatening, you’ll be asked to sit and wait. This might not even be for triage reasons. The bulk of ER wait times occur when there’s no physician or nurse available to see you.

Call ahead and get home quick with CareWell
If you don’t want a headache to go along with whatever injury brought you to the ER for an X-­ray in the first place, you might want to consider your nearest CareWell Urgent Care center the next time something like this happens. Because urgent care clinics routinely receive fewer patients than ERs, your wait to see a physician and get your arm, chest or leg in front of an X­ray machine is much shorter.

In fact, if you really need an X­ray and treatment fast, you can actually call ahead to let CareWell know you’re coming. Before you even arrive, you could have a private X-­ray room cleaned, set up and filled with a team of clinicians that are ready to do everything it takes to make you well again. Try reserving a bed at the ER and see what kind of a response you get.

X-rays don’t have to be major hassles
Going to the hospital for any reason can be uncomfortable enough, but imagine if you could get an X­-ray and the results in as little time as it takes you to watch your favorite TV show. CareWell Urgent Care centers can do that for you, along with any other treatments you might need.

Don’t suffer through broken bones or long wait times. Head to CareWell next time you need an X-­ray.