Lab Services

When you need blood work, confirmation of a diagnosis or any other lab services, skip the ER line for CareWell urgent care.

You’re not sick enough for the emergency room but need test results faster than your primary care physician can get them? CareWell’s experienced clinicians are there for you.

Ask your friends which part of their interactions with their doctor causes them the most stress and odds are they’ll tell you it’s lab testing. Maybe you have to drive across the city on your lunch hour just to make it to your primary care physician’s office when it’s convenient for him or her, or maybe you have to sit in the emergency room for hours after work while patients with more dire injuries are whisked ahead of you. Whatever the cause, waiting for lab results can be a pain.

Avoid the crowds
Though most of the work happens behind closed doors, there’s an incredible amount of precision that goes into testing your blood, collecting medical images or any other lab service your doctor might order for you. With that level of detail, though, comes carefulness, which often means it might take hours or days to get accurate results that you can base health decisions off of.

When you’re pressed for time already, heading to the ER just doesn’t make sense. You’ve already got to wait at least a little bit for test results, but at the ER, you’ll also have to wait to see a doctor. And if you’re in otherwise perfect health, most ER staff are so busy that they’ll move onto the next patient without a second glance at your laboratory order.

CareWell cuts out all the fluff
ERs are a critical part of the care continuum, but they’re just not the place you want to go if you want hassle-free lab services. For that, you’ll want to head to your nearest CareWell urgent care center.

Whether you need test results to fill out a medical record, a blood exam to check for infections, a mouth swab to check for strep throat or a pregnancy test just to be sure, CareWell’s experienced staff know you have other things on your plate. While other places might make you wait, CareWell can get you test results as fast as the technology allows.

When there’s a more effective medicine out there, you take it. When CareWell offers faster lab services than the ER or your PCP, you should make the switch.