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Kids Urgent Care

Receiving kids urgent care doesn’t have to mean a trip to the ER.

When your child is sick, the kids urgent care clinic at CareWell Urgent Care can be a fast and less stressful alternative to an emergency room visit.

An illness or injury to a child is tough – you hate to see your kid under the weather and feeling uncomfortable. But getting in to see your pediatric primary care physician at a moment’s notice can be difficult, and unless it’s something serious, it’s hard to know whether seeking kids urgent care at the emergency room is right thing to do – especially if it means waiting for hours and coming up with a sizable co-pay.

Fortunately, CareWell provides children’s urgent care services that let you get into see a doctor quickly – within 15 minutes on average – to get your child on the road to recovery and ease your mind about your child’s illness.

Kids urgent care treatment at CareWell.

When you come to CareWell for kids urgent care, you’ll see clinicians with lots of experience treating pediatric illnesses and injuries – and in helping to calm your child’s fears. Our practitioners take time to make sure you understand what’s happening with your child, what the best treatment is and how long recovery is likely to take. We provide kids urgent care for infants from six months old to adolescents and teenagers as well.

Kids urgent care at a CareWell health clinic may include treatment for:

  • Cold and flu symptoms
  • Asthma
  • Headaches
  • Sore throat and strep throat
  • Sports injuries
  • Fractures and muscle sprains
  • Mild to moderate rashes
  • Nosebleeds
  • Cuts and bites
  • Infections of the eye, ear and skin
  • Allergic reactions

You never need to make an appointment for kids urgent care at CareWell, but calling ahead or booking your appointment online may help to shorten your wait time even more. We offer urgent care in Massachusetts and Rhode Island – you can find the nearest CareWell location for pediatric urgent care by entering your ZIP Code in the location finder on our website.

Beyond kids urgent care: physical exams, vaccinations and health screenings

Kids urgent care is just one of the many health services you’ll find at CareWell Urgent Care. Getting in for a physical at your primary care physician can often take weeks or months. That’s why we provide routine physical exams, including a physical for school sports, that let you tick the physical off your to-do list today. CareWell clinicians can also provide vaccinations and health screenings, including flu shots that to help keep your child as healthy as possible.