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Immediate Care Physician

See an immediate care physician quickly and affordably at CareWell.

When you don’t want to wait for hours or pay a hefty fee to see an ER or urgent care doctor, you’ll find fast and affordable urgent care services at CareWell Urgent Care, where you can usually see an immediate care physician in as little as 15 minutes.

CareWell provides a convenient alternative to the emergency room. Each of our 17 medical clinic locations are open seven days a week and provide a wide range of medical services, with experienced clinical teams led by an immediate care physician.

For serious illnesses or life-threatening accidents, the emergency room is still the best option. But for minor to moderate ailments – breaks and bruises, fevers and rashes, nagging pain and sudden infections – an immediate care physician at CareWell can provide treatment just as quickly and effectively, with shorter wait times and affordable fees. We accept all major insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, and our rates for people without insurance are highly advantageous as well.

Services provided by a CareWell immediate care physician.

You can see an immediate care physician at CareWell for a broad range of medical needs.

  • Colds, flus and infections. We help to treat symptoms, reduce fevers and prescribe medication.
  • Accidents and injuries. From back injuries and muscle sprains to broken bones and contusions, we treat a wide range of mild-to-moderate injuries.
  • Children’s urgent care needs. Our team is adept at treating children’s illnesses and injuries, including bites, rashes, fractures, cuts, infections, colds and flu.
  • Vaccinations and screenings, including a respiratory fitness test, flu shots, an STD clinic and more.
  • Allergic reactions. We provide treatment for non-life-threatening allergic reactions and help patients understand how to avoid allergens in the future.
  • Routine exams. We offer routine physicals, sports physicals, insurance physicals and other routine exams.
  • Employer medicine. We provide comprehensive occupational medical services, including drug screenings and DOT physicals, as well as access to an immediate care physician to help keep the workforce healthy while reducing the cost of providing care.

The team and facilities supporting each CareWell immediate care physician.

An immediate care physician at a CareWell Urgent Care center is supported by a team of clinicians and nurse practitioners who are experienced in treating a wide variety of medical needs. Each CareWell clinic is equipped with an on-site lab, enabling us to do blood work and run tests without requiring patients to transfer to another facility. We also have state-of-the-art equipment like X ray, EKG machines that enable us to provide comprehensive medical care on-site. When you come to CareWell to see an immediate care physician, you can be sure you’re getting top-notch care.