Worker’s Comp

CareWell’s urgent care centers keep employee injuries and workers’ comp from bleeding your business dry.

When your employees need accurate and efficient care and your business needs an affordable way to give it to them, CareWell is the perfect solution.

When one of your employees hurts him or herself on the job, it’s a bad situation for everybody. The worker can’t do the job he or she was hired for, and the business owner needs to find a way to pay for often exorbitant workers’ comp claims. It can be enough to turn workers and management against each other, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Make no ERs a company policy
In the unfortunate event that one of your employees sustains a debilitating injury on the job, the first concern for everybody involved should be to get the person treatment. Worrying about costs at a time like this can seem a tad out-of-touch, but when the emergency room is inevitably brought up as a care option, management might have a responsibility to shut it down.

Unless your employees sustain life-threatening injuries, the ER simply isn’t the place to go. Not only will long lines and short-staffed departments force your workers to wait in pain for upwards of several hours, but when they finally do get treated, the costs might be high enough to send you into a serious medical event, too.

CareWell won’t leave your business or your employees out to dry
When efficient care that won’t raid your revenue is the only answer for employee injuries, then you need to skip the traditional ER route and go with CareWell urgent care instead.

CareWell’s several centers specialize in treating the mild to moderate injuries that are so common in industries that sustain high injury rates. Whether it’s bone breaks, stress fractures, joint pain, sore backs or anything in between, CareWell’s experienced staff will get your employees out of pain and in a comprehensive recovery program to get them back on their feet as soon as possible. In the meantime, CareWell will also work with your employees to find jobs they can do while recovering to full health.

Managing workers’ comp shouldn’t be any more painful than the injury that started it all. CareWell’s urgent care centers can help keep down costs while getting your employees back on their feet.