Whether it’s drug screenings or immediate treatment you’re looking for, CareWell’s occupational health experts have you covered.

Use your business-­driven mind to choose CareWell, the cost­-efficient, high-quality option, for all your company’s occupational health needs.

Your company is responsible for the health and wellness of your employees while they’re on the clock, but you also need to make sure that they can physically perform the tasks you’ve given them. Especially if you work in an industry that requires heavy lifting or repetitive physical actions, creating a comprehensive occupational health strategy sooner rather than later can only save you money. But how do you know where to turn when you need quick attention at an affordable cost?

Avoid ERs like the plague
If you’re hiring new employees or need immediate care for those who’ve suffered injuries on the job, time is of the essence. However, if you bring a worker with a minor injury to his or her joints, muscles or bones, emergency room staff are likely to make you wait for hours. After all, they’re dealing with life-threatening issues all the time. If you tried to bring an otherwise healthy employee into an ER for a physical, odds are the ER staff won’t be so careful with their words when telling you to go somewhere else.

Get in and out with CareWell
The more time you and your workers spend off the job because they need some minor tests or treatments done, the more money and clients you could be letting wash down the drain. That’s why whether you need a cast for a fracture or a 10­-minute physical for a new hire, CareWell’s urgent care centers can solve your occupational health problems during your lunch hour.

Not only do the experts at CareWell have extensive experience in laboratory work for drug screenings and preexisting health conditions, but they can also create comprehensive recovery plans for workers who injure themselves on the job. While they might not be pulling boxes from the top shelf until they’re better, CareWell can still find a way for them to do their part in keeping your company working like a well-oiled machine.

Here’s a short list of all the occupational health services CareWell offers:

Don’t let occupational health throw a wrench into your company’s gears
You can try your luck with ERs for your occupational health needs, but sound business is all about eliminating uncontrollable variables. CareWell’s experienced clinicians have treating workers down to a science. In the time it takes you to answer a few emails, your worker can be in and out with a clean bill of health or a detailed plan to get him or her there.

You’ve made smart decisions to get your company to this point. Make one more by heading to the nearest CareWell Urgent Care center the next time you need to take care of an occupational health issue.