E-Screen Drug Testing

CareWell helps you avoid getting bogged down in the details of employee drug testing with E-Screen services.

You’ve found the perfect new hires and are all set to bring them on board, but then the sticky issue of drug testing comes up. Don’t worry – CareWell’s urgent care centers have your business covered.

Whether it’s part of your company policy or mandated by the federal government in your industry, there are always going to be times when your business needs to drug test new hires. After spending weeks or months on the hunt for the perfect candidate, you don’t want this last step in the process slowing you down, but failing to get accurate results for all of your employees could land you in hot water if something happens down the road. But how can you make sure time and costs don’t spiral out of control when drug testing new employees?

Avoid the wrong locations
While you might think that sending new hires to the emergency room might be the quick-and-dirty version of drug testing, you’ll likely find that this strategy will only waste everyone’s time. As a matter of practice, ERs don’t perform screenings unless there’s an immediate medical need to do so. What’s more is that ER staff won’t be so concerned about sending you documentation after the fact.

Of course, this is all supposing that, when you send your otherwise healthy new hires to the ER for screenings, they don’t get immediately turned away for showing up without life-threatening injuries.

Control costs and time with CareWell’s E-Screen
When you choose CareWell’s urgent care centers for your business’ screening needs, your new hires aren’t pushed to the bottom of some triage list. Screenings take as little as 15 minutes to complete and results are available not long after. Employees can even call ahead to set up appointments at their leisure to cut down on time they could be using toward training and getting to know the office team.

The real advantage of switching to CareWell, though, is cost. As part of the E-Screen network, CareWell’s drug testing process searches for multiple substances at once and the results are completely paperless. If you’ve been looking for an inexpensive but no less accurate screening system, look no further than CareWell.

When you’ve got the new hires you like and you’re ready to get them to work, you don’t need a final hurdle like drug screening holding you back. Contact CareWell today for your E-Screen services.