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Drug Screenings

CareWell makes drug screenings fast and affordable.

While drug screenings are one of those unpleasant necessities of hiring new employees, an eScreen drug test from CareWell Urgent Care can help you take care of drug testing requirements quickly and cost-efficiently.

Whether your company requires drug screenings as a matter of policy or you’re part of an industry where a pre employment drug test is required by law, trying to schedule a drug test for a new employee is no picnic. Getting new hires in to see a regular physician can take days or weeks – a real imposition when you’re trying to get someone started as quickly as possible. And while sending employees to the emergency room for drug screenings may seem like a good idea, in reality the ER is not a great option. Even if you find an emergency room willing to perform drug screenings, your prospective employee may end up waiting hours while more serious cases receive priority attention.

With the CareWell eScreen program, you can stop worrying about time-consuming drug screenings. We offer same-day drug tests at each of our 17 locations in eastern Massachusetts and in Warwick, Rhode Island. That means your new hires can get their drug test out of the way fast – and start their new jobs even more quickly.

Drug screenings in as little as 15 minutes.

At CareWell Urgent Care, drug screenings take as little as 15 minutes, and results are available shortly afterwards. Our clinicians will follow up to make sure you receive the documentation.

While our drug screenings are quick, they’re also incredibly cost-efficient. As part of the eScreen network, our tests search for a variety of substances at once and the results are completely paperless. When you want new hires to get to work as soon as possible, a drug screening at CareWell is the perfect solution.

Beyond drug screenings: a broad range of occupational health services.

Drug screenings aren’t the only way we help employers save time and money. At CareWell, we offer a variety of health services that enable companies to manage the health of their workforce easily and cost-efficiently. Our services include:

  • Blood and urine analysis.
  • Physicals for a DOT health card.
  • General physicals, including physicals for insurance companies.
  • Respiratory fitness tests.
  • Workers’ compensation and injury management.
  • Treatment for minor injuries and non-life-threatening medical conditions.

When you want your workers to get excellent medical care and quickly return them to productivity, a visit to a CareWell medical clinic is the perfect option. Each of our facilities is open seven days a week to serve your needs, and employees can find the closest location by clicking here.