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DOT Physical Locations

Get your drivers a physical fast at CareWell’s DOT physical locations.

When you need your drivers to get a DOT physical as soon as possible, CareWell Urgent Care offers 17 DOT physical locations throughout Eastern Massachusetts and in Warwick Rhode Island.

At any of our DOT physical locations, your drivers can walk in for a same-day DOT medical card examination, seeing one of our clinicians who have been certified by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). An exam at one of our DOT physical locations costs only $125, all fees included, and no appointments are necessary (although calling ahead or checking in online can help to ensure your drivers can be seen even more quickly.)

By using CareWell DOT physical locations, you can help to ensure your drivers will have a DOT health card when they need it, avoiding the nightmare of having to take trucks off the road while workers wait days or weeks for an exam for their DOT physical card.

A checklist for visiting DOT physical locations.

Before you send drivers to any of our DOT physical locations, be sure to have them do the following:

  • Complete the driver’s portion of the Medical Examination Report to help save time.
  • Compile a list of their medications and the dosages for each.
  • Bring their glasses if they need a vision prescription.
  • Bring a yearly clearance letter from a specialist for any chronic conditions they experience.
  • Bring their last Medical Examination Report card.

What to expect at our DOT physical locations.

When your employees visit our DOT physical locations, they’ll find a warm welcome, a pleasant place to wait, and fast access to a clinician certified to perform DOT physicals. During the exam, drivers will undergo a thorough physical exam as well as a hearing test, an eye exam, a urine test and an in-depth review of their health history. Patients with heart conditions may also be required to take a heart test.

Following the exam, the clinicians at our DOT physical locations will fill out the remaining part of the Medical Examination Report for commercial driver fitness determination, and complete all required supporting forms and documentation. Drivers who pass their DOT physical at one of our DOT physical locations may then qualify for a Massachusetts or Rhode Island State Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) for truck drivers operating commercial trucks and for school bus drivers.

Our urgent care Massachusetts and Rhode Island clinics are open seven days each week, and provide a variety of occupational medicine services, including physicals, a pre employment drug test and urgent care for job-related injuries. Click here to find CareWell DOT physical locations near you.