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DOT Physical Card

Get a DOT physical card quickly with CareWell Urgent Care.

When you have drivers, who need a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical to stay on the road, you want to make sure you can get a DOT physical card fast when you need it. CareWell Urgent Care can help. Whether your driver is applying for a new Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) or for a renewal, CareWell can help you stay ahead of the game with a same-day DOT physical at any of our 17 DOT physical locations in Eastern Massachusetts and in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Our clinicians are certified by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to conduct physical examinations required for a DOT physical card. The cost is only $125, and your drivers never need an appointment – they can simply walk into any location and be seen by a medical examiner. To ensure even faster service, scheduling appointment for a DOT physical card examination before visit is always an option.

What to do before an exam for a DOT physical card.

Before your drivers arrive at a CareWell location for a DOT physical card examination, please ask them to fill in the driver’s portion of the Medical Examination Report in order to save time. Drivers should also bring the following items to their examination:

  • A list of any medications they are taking along with dosages.
  • Eyeglasses, if they require a vision prescription.
  • A yearly clearance letter from a specialist, if a have any specific chronic conditions.
  • Their last Medical Examination Report (MER) card.

During the examination for a DOT physical card, your drivers will undergo:

  • A complete physical exam.
  • A hearing test.
  • A urine test.
  • A vision test.
  • A review of health history, including past or recent illnesses and injuries, hearing and vision disorders, cardiovascular conditions, lung and respiratory issues, digestion problems, and other conditions affecting kidneys, liver and the nervous system.
  • Heart patients may also be required to take a heart test to qualify for a DOT physical card.

Getting the DOT physical card.

Once the examination for a DOT health card is complete, our clinicians will fill out the medical examination report for commercial driver fitness determination, including all the required supporting forms and documents. If your drivers pass their DOT medical card examination, our clinicians can provide certification for a Massachusetts or Rhode Island State Commercial Drivers License (CDL) for truck drivers operating commercial trucks and for school bus drivers, or renewal of any existing MA or RI Commercial CDL.

CareWell Urgent Care centers are open seven days every week and provide a variety of other occupational medicine services, including an eScreen drug test and a workers comp physical at any of our urgent care Massachusetts or Rhode Island locations.