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CareWell Staff Spotlight: Diane Hill, CCMA

April 15, 2024

At CareWell Urgent Care, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care to the communities we serve in Massachusetts and Rhode Island while taking care of our outstanding providers and clinical staff.

Our staff spotlights allow us to introduce you to our dedicated team members. This article focuses on Diane Hill, a certified clinical medical assistant.

Meet Diane Hill, CCMA

A woman with blond hair and two long braids smiles at the camera. She is wearing a stethoscope, a CareWell badge, and light pink scrubs.

Diane earned her Medical Assisting Certificate from Middlesex Community College and has provided outstanding care for our patients at CareWell for two years.

When she’s not at work, Diane enjoys doing projects on her new home. She also loves being outdoors in the sunshine, hiking, or playing with her son. On cloudy days, you might find her crocheting or playing Boggle or Scrabble with her children.

Why Did You Decide to Work at an Urgent Care?

Diane has a wealth of experience from her 11 years in the medical field. Before becoming a medical assistant, she worked in various healthcare settings, including an emergency department (ED) and home care. Wanting to take a new step in patient care, she chose to earn her CCMA certification and serve patients in an urgent care setting.

“I’ve grown more with CareWell in two years than I could have hoped for in a lifetime if I continued with home care,” says Diane.

Diane had felt overwhelmed by the stress of working in an emergency department. “Urgent care gave me the variety I really needed in my day-to-day work life without being traumatizing or too much for me to handle mentally or emotionally.

Diane appreciates feeling like part of a family at CareWell. “I feel supported, validated, and like a valued human being instead of a number or a body, which I think many people could relate to feeling like when you work for a large organization.”

What Do You Love About Your Work?

Diane enjoys the variety of situations she experiences working in urgent care. CareWell treats patients with a spectrum of conditions and injuries. Whether it be wound care for a severe cut, treatment for a cat scratch, or diagnosis of a UTI, the needs of patients seeking care are naturally unpredictable.

“You might think you know what you’re walking into for your shift, but you’re probably going to be wrong,” she says. It’s all about “expecting the unexpected.”

Whatever the situation, Diane strives to treat each patient like family. Along with other members of the clinical team, she loves helping patients who are sick find answers and peace of mind.

“I can’t tell you how good it feels to do an ear lavage on someone who thought they’d lost their hearing—the look on their face when they realize they can hear just fine is so rewarding,” says Diane. “Even just being there to hold someone’s hand while they are getting stitches or running tests to get a diagnosis for a sick child with scared parents is all extremely rewarding.”

What Do You Hope to Give to Your Patients?

Diane is passionate about people and goes the extra mile to ensure that her patients and their families feel cared for.

“I try to give them the care and empathy I would want someone to give me or my loved ones when we’re not feeling our best or are injured or scared,” says Diane.

At CareWell Urgent Care, our outstanding team members like Diane provide the care you can count on. Visit us at one of our 12 locations today.

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