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4 tips for surviving any summer weather

If you're going to spend any extended time outside the rest of this summer (and you certainly should), you may think you have a handle on making it through 100-plus degree days. Apply sun screen regularly, wear a hat and sunglasses and avoid peak hours, and summer will be a breeze. And while those are important steps to keeping summer safe and fun, there are other considerations to keep in mind for summer preparedness. If you really want to stay cool this summer, follow these four handy tips for surviving summer weather:

1. Know the signs
In the summertime, two of your biggest health concerns (aside from painful sunburns) are heat exhaustion and heat cramps. According the National Weather Service, it's important to know the distinct symptoms of each condition. Heat exhaustion involves cold skin, heavy sweating, fainting and vomiting. The affected person should move to a cool place and drink plenty of water. Heat stroke, meanwhile, is accompanied by dry skin, an increase in temperature and a loss of consciousness. Heat stroke is more serious and requires immediate medical attention.

"Salty foods can help the body retain water."

2. Eat and drink right
Drinking plenty of water is a fairly obvious move on a warm summer's day. But did you know that what you eat affects how well you handle the heat? Fitness and nutrition expert Dr. Gabe Mirkin said that if you're going to be active during the day, be sure to eat plenty of salty foods. Without this vital mineral, your body can't retain water and thus is more likely to become dehydrated. Just be sure to eat smaller meals more frequently as you don't want to overdo it. Finally, avoid foods with lots of protein. This will only jumpstart your body's metabolic process and cause a temperature spike that can prove dangerous during warmer temperatures.

3. Wear proper clothes
Don't assume that swimwear is going to be your best bet for the entire summer. If you're in a place with high humidity, Who What Wear had several important tips to keep cool. Consider things like the material of the clothes; cotton is best because it won't cling. You also want to take into account the cut of your clothes, as you want items that fall away from the body and thus create ventilation. As for the color, white or brightly colored clothes are generally recommended, but io9 had a novel suggestion: black. While it does absorb external heat, it'll also absorb the heat your body generates, and that can help cool you down faster.

4. Stay safe from storms 
Sometimes it isn't just endless rays of sunshine that you'll have to be concerned with. Summer storms happen all across the country, and Boston College explained that there are a number of important rules to follow in case of severe summer weather. The most important may be the 30/30 rule: go indoors if you can't count to 30 following a lightning strike. Don't go back outside until 30 minutes after you last hear thunder. You should also be cautious of floods and moving water following a storm. Never use electricity during a storm, either. Finally, avoid all windows and keep doors locked.

From bug bites to skin irritations, you can get almost every summer-related ailment treated at your nearest CareWell Urgent Care Center. With highly trained doctors at every facility, CareWell is your go-to source for effective urgent care.

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