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Get fast medical treatment at CareWell Urgent Care locations near you.

When you want medical attention now, CareWell provides treatment for a broad range of medical conditions at urgent care locations throughout eastern Massachusetts and in Warwick, Rhode Island.

What is urgent care, exactly? Urgent care is when you need immediate care and medical attention for non-life-threatening conditions. Visiting our urgent care locations is a great idea when your primary care physician isn’t available, and your medical needs don’t require an ER doctor. From fevers and muscle sprains to stitches and allergic reactions, clinicians at our urgent care locations provide fast access to medical services with greater convenience and affordable fees.

What to expect at CareWell urgent care locations.

Come to a walk in clinic at any of our urgent care locations and the first thing you’ll notice is the warm welcome you receive from our staff. You’ll also be impressed with our waiting areas, which feature soft lighting and quiet spaces to keep you comfortable, along with a children’s play area to entertain your little ones.

In our care rooms, you’ll notice that our facilities are designed to provide you with the best possible medical care. All CareWell Urgent care locations feature state-of-the-art diagnostic and medical technology, including X-ray machines, EKG equipment and an on-site lab.

And here’s the best part: at most urgent care locations, you’ll get to see a clinician in as little as 15 minutes. That means you can get fast treatment for a wide range of medical needs to alleviate pain, treat symptoms and put your mind at ease. We accept all major insurance plans, along with Medicare and Medicaid, and we offer affordable self-pay options for people without insurance.

Clinicians at our urgent care locations provide treatment for:

  • Colds, flu, fever, infection and other ailments.
  • Accidents and injuries, including setting broken bones, stitching up lacerations and treating other non-life-threatening injuries.
  • Children’s illnesses and injuries, including cuts, bites, rashes, infections, fractures, nosebleeds and more.
  • Non-life-threatening allergic reactions.
  • Routine physical exams required for school sports or insurance purposes.
  • Health screenings and vaccinations, including shots at our flu clinic.
  • Care for travelers who need medical attention when away from home.
  • Occupational health services, including drug testing, DOT physicals and workers’ compensation services.

Find urgent care locations and hours.

Our urgent care locations are open seven days each week, and many feature extended hours to ensure you can get medical attention when you need it. Click here to find urgent care in Massachusetts or urgent care in Rhode Island.