School – Sports Physicals

CareWell urgent care takes the pain out of school and sports physicals
Don’t wait for the ER to get to you or your doctor to return your call – take care of school and sports physicals in minutes with CareWell.

Whether it’s the start of baseball season in the spring or hockey in the winter, your kids need physicals before most schools will even let them put on their uniforms. Without the proper documentation that your kids are happy and healthy, some schools may not even let them in the building. But how can you make sure your kids have the right forms filled out the right way when time is short and the first game of the season is just around the corner?

Don’t wait for a physical
If you want to go to your primary care physician for a physical, you’ll have to spend time on the phone making an appointment, and who knows when he or she will be available when you finally get ahold of the office? Also, if you think you can walk into an emergency room and see a doctor for something as non­life­threatening as a simple physical, odds are they’ll just keep you and your otherwise healthy kid waiting for hours.

Get in and out with CareWell urgent care
CareWell’s urgent care centers make school and sports physicals as convenient and efficient as possible. With many locations open for extended hours, you and your kids can swing by a center after school or work. Once you’re there, you could be seen by a doctor in 15 minutes or less – leaving you and your kids enough time to go home, make dinner, relax in front of the TV.

School and sports physicals are painless with CareWell
Schools need accurate medical documentation in the event of an emergency, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer through hours of work just trying to obtain it. The next time your kids come home with medical forms from their teachers and coaches, there’s no need to panic about sitting in an ER for half a day either.

CareWell’s urgent care centers take the headache and hassle out of school and sports physicals. Book your appointment now.