Flu Shots

Get seasonal flu shots out of the way at CareWell urgent care centers
The flu sneaks up on millions of Americans every year, but CareWell can make sure you’re not one of them.

As soon as the temperatures start to tick downward at the start of fall, you might hear worried newscasters talking about the threat of seasonal flu. Maybe you just don’t have the time to wait in line, or you think you’ll just take your chances with the virus and hope it doesn’t affect you. Whatever the reason, skipping your seasonal flu shot isn’t just dangerous for your health ­ it could cost you days off work or school if you have the bad luck to actually contract the illness.

ERs, retail clinics and long lines
The flu can be a debilitating condition, which is why it’s so important to vaccinate before the virus enters your system. However, even though you may be laid up in bed with aches all over your body, emergency rooms don’t categorize the flu as a life­threatening condition. If you show up with symptoms, you’ll be sent home. If you want a flu shot while there are other patients waiting at the ER with severe injuries and illnesses, the staff might question your sanity.

Though they’ve become popular in recent years, retail health clinics aren’t any better at managing flu shots, either. These locations usually attract long lines, and there’s no way of verifying the experience of the technician administering hundreds of shots per day.

Go for expertise and efficiency with CareWell’s flu shots
There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be seen promptly even when you’re perfectly healthy but want to protect yourself from flu season, and CareWell agrees. With just 15­minute average wait times, you can meet a qualified clinician and get a flu shot on the way home from school or work.

Get sick of waiting ­ not from the flu
You might be used to sitting around for hours until an ER doctor or your primary care physician gets back to you, but time is of the essence when flu season rolls around. Don’t just sit there and wait for the virus to lay you up in bed for days.

Simply walk-in to any CareWell center for your flu shot today and in the time it takes you to
watch half of a TV show, CareWell’s urgent care centers can help protect you for the next year.