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Flu Shot

Get a flu shot – fast – at CareWell Urgent Care.

Getting a flu shot gives you the best possible protection against seasonal influenza viruses. At CareWell Urgent Care centers, you can stop in anytime to get a flu shot in just a few minutes. Whether it’s on the way to school, coming home from work or over your lunch hour, a flu shot at CareWell is the best way to avoid getting sick and being down for the count for days or weeks.

Getting the flu can be miserable. Patients are often bedridden for days, with symptoms that range from high fever and chills to body aches and extreme fatigue. Yet every year, lots of people choose not to get a flu shot because they don’t want to wait in line at a flu clinic. When the flu season is in full swing, it can seem like getting a flu shot can take a full morning or afternoon.

Fortunately, that’s never the case at a CareWell Urgent Care center. At each of our 17 locations, which include clinics in Eastern Massachusetts and Warwick, Rhode Island, we make it easy to get a flu shot for kids or adults in minutes. At most locations, the average wait time is just 15 minutes.

A flu shot from a healthcare professional.

There are other options for getting a flu shot, of course. You may have seen advertisements for flu shots offered in major grocery stores and retailers. But in these locations, it’s hard to judge the experience and qualifications of the people performing hundreds of flu shot each day.

When you come to CareWell, you know you’ll get a flu shot from a qualified clinician with lots of experience and expertise administering vaccines. Rather than getting your shot in a folding chair behind a flimsy screen next to the checkout counter, you’ll be treated in a state-of-the-art care room that provides the privacy and cleanliness you want when undergoing any minor medical procedure.

After your flu shot: additional urgent care services from CareWell.

A flu shot is just one of the many services offered by CareWell Urgent Care centers. We also treat a wide variety of mild to moderate injuries and illnesses, from colds and infections to sprains and strains, allergic reactions, bug bites, rashes and more, with services for both adult and pediatric urgent care.

Our facilities feature on-site labs, X-ray machines, EKG equipment and other common diagnostic technology that lets us provide comprehensive treatment for a broad range of ailments and conditions.

CareWell centers are open seven days a week, providing urgent care for kids and adults of all ages, from age 6 months and up.