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EKG Test

Need an EKG test? A CareWell clinician can see you now.

When you need an EKG test, you don’t want to waste any time getting it done. After all, an EKG test is designed to identify any issues with the function of your heart. From diagnosing heart attacks and poor blood flow to checking for arrhythmia and thickened heart muscles, an EKG test can help to identify problems early so you can get them treated fast.

But while a getting a routine EKG test may seem urgent to you, it’s not the type of service most emergency rooms will perform. And even if you find an ER that will do the job, you’re likely to spend hours waiting while doctors treat the serious and life-threatening conditions of other patients first. Getting into see your primary care physician for an EKG test can also be time-consuming, and often not an option during evenings and weekends.

Here’s the good news: when you really want an EKG fast, CareWell Urgent Care centers can get you in to see a clinician or immediate care physician in as little as 15 minutes.

How an EKG test works at CareWell.

At CareWell Urgent Care clinics, you can walk in any time and be seen by a clinician for a wide variety of medical concerns. In most cases, you’ll see someone in as little as 15 minutes, but you can shorten that wait time even more by calling ahead for an appointment.

Our clinics are furnished with comfortable waiting rooms and state-of-the-art care rooms, and each clinic features technology like EKG test equipment, x-ray machines, and on-site labs.

An EKG test at CareWell only takes a few minutes, and results can be returned quickly. That means your entire EKG appointment may last less than an hour, start to finish. Our clinics are open for testing and acute care services seven days each week, and many sites feature extended hours that make it easy to get an EKG test on a timeframe that suits your schedule.

More than an EKG test: complete urgent care services.

In addition to providing an EKG test, we offer a wide range of personal urgent care services and occupational health services on a walk-in basis. From treatment for colds and flu to a physical exam or STD testing, we can provide individuals with medical treatment for almost all non-life-threatening conditions.

For employers, we offer services that include drug screening, a pulmonary function test, blood and urine lab work, workers’ compensation management and physicals for DOT medical cards.