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Drug Testing

CareWell makes drug testing convenient and affordable.

Drug testing is one of the necessary unpleasantries of being an employer. Just when you’ve found the perfect candidate and are ready to put them to work, the requirement for a pre employment drug test puts a wrinkle in scheduling a start date.

At CareWell Urgent Care, we offer drug screenings on-demand, with same-day appointments and tests that take as little as 15 minutes. Rather than waiting days or weeks to see a doctor or trying to find an emergency room that performs drug testing, you can send your employees to the closest CareWell location to satisfy drug testing requirements quickly and easily.

We offer drug testing at each of our 17 urgent care locations in eastern Massachusetts and Warwick Rhode Island, where employees can also receive a wide variety of occupational health services.

Complete drug testing in as little as 15 minutes.

At CareWell, your prospective employees can complete drug testing in as little as 15 minutes – the same amount of time as a typical coffee break. Our expert clinicians have extensive experience in laboratory work for drug screenings, and as part of the eScreen drug test network, our tests search for multiple substances at once. That not only speeds the drug testing process, but helps to make it more inexpensive as well. Results are available shortly after each test, and our staff is dedicated to making sure employers receive the results as quickly as possible.

eScreen drug testing at CareWell is available seven days a week to meet your needs. The wait times in our clinics are quite short, especially when compared to emergency rooms, and employees can call ahead for an appointment or check in online to help save even more time.

More than drug testing: comprehensive occupational health services from CareWell.

In addition to drug testing, we offer a broad range of occupational health services that enable employers to manage the health of their workforce with ease, saving time and money. Employees can walk into any CareWell clinic and see a clinician in as little as 15 minutes, and our fees for services are highly affordable.

Occupational health services at CareWell include:

  • General physicals, including physicals for insurance purposes and for a DOT medical card.
  • Treatment for non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses.
  • Workers’ compensation and injury management.
  • Blood and urine analysis.
  • EKGs and X-rays performed on site.
  • Respiratory fitness tests.