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Urgent Care

CareWell Urgent Care is healthcare when you need it.

When you need to see a doctor as soon as possible, CareWell Urgent Care is a fast and affordable alternative to an emergency room visit.

For life-threatening emergencies, the emergency room is definitely the right choice. But for less serious illnesses and injuries – from sprains and strains to fevers and rashes – a CareWell Urgent Care clinic lets you skip the long lines and avoid the high co-pay at the ER.

You’ll find CareWell clinics throughout eastern Massachusetts and in Warwick, Rhode Island. At most locations, you can see a clinician in as little as 15 minutes. And with labs, x-ray machines and common medications available on site, you can always count on prompt and quality care at your local CareWell location.

We accept all major insurance plans as well as Medicare – just present your insurance card and a photo ID when you check-in. And if you don’t have health insurance, we offer very affordable rates that make CareWell Urgent Care a great alternative to a trip to the emergency room.

Urgent care for all types of illness and injury.

Urgent care at a CareWell clinic may include treatment for:

  • Accidents and injuries – we treat non-life-threatening injuries, providing urgent care x ray and EKG test services when needed, and immediate care for children’s illnesses and injuries like cuts, bites, fractures and sprains.
  • Cold, flu and illnesses – our team can help treat colds, reduce fever, take steps to avoid complications and get you on the road to recovery more quickly.
  • Allergic reactions – we treat non-life-threatening allergic reactions and can help you understand how to avoid allergy triggers.
  • Health screenings and vaccinations – from flu shots and childhood vaccinations to STD testing and drug screen, our urgent care facilities provide a wide range of screenings and preventative services.
  • Physical exams – we conduct routine physical exams, including a sports physical or a physical for insurance and employment purposes.
  • Occupational exams – we provide employers with services that can help keep workers healthy while reducing the cost of providing healthcare.
  • Other illnesses and conditions – your local CareWell urgent care team can provide acute care services for a wide range of other ailments and symptoms.

What to expect from your urgent care experience.

You never need an appointment to visit a CareWell Urgent care clinic. From the moment you walk in, you’ll receive prompt, quality care through your diagnosis, treatment, recovery and beyond. We’ll even send a summary of your visit to your primary care doctor or specialist.

Our clinical teams are led by board-certified physicians and are dedicated to answering every question and making you feel comfortable. Our care rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and our waiting room features soft lighting, a quiet space to wait and a children’s play area. At CareWell, you get thorough, one-stop treatment from a team that’s committed to delivering quality care quickly.