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Spirometry Test

Get a quick and easy spirometry test for your employees.

When you need to schedule a spirometry test for your employees, CareWell Urgent Care centers can get them in and out quickly – with minimal expense to your business.

As an employer, keeping your workforce healthy and ensuring that each employee is up to the assignment you’ve given them is one of your most important tasks. Your workers are among your most valuable assets and helping them avoid injury and illness will let them be more productive and enable your business to be more profitable.

A spirometry test, also known as a pulmonary function test, is often used to evaluate the health of workers and to assess their ability to perform certain tasks. This respiratory fitness test can also be used to assess the health effects of exposure to certain substances and the effectiveness of personal protective equipment.

Whether you need to schedule a spirometry test to comply with OSHA regulations or as part of a workplace-mandated program, getting into see a doctor can often be time-consuming and expensive. The emergency room is no place for a spirometry test – their physicians are dealing with more serious, often life-threatening emergencies. And it can take weeks to get an appointment with a pulmonary specialist or primary care physician who can perform a spirometry test.

That’s where CareWell can help. With health screenings provided on a walk-in basis, we help employers and employees to get the medical treatment and tests they need quickly, enabling them that to get back to work as soon as possible. And our affordable fees mean you can provide medical services to employees while containing business expenses.

How to get a spirometry test at CareWell.

CareWell offers 17 locations throughout eastern Massachusetts and in Warwick, Rhode Island where employees can come for a spirometry test on a walk-in basis. Workers can see a clinician in as little as 15 minutes at most locations, and by calling ahead for an appointment, they can save even more time. Every CareWell health clinic is open seven days a week, and many feature extended hours to better serve your employees’ medical needs.

Beyond a spirometry test: additional occupational health services from CareWell.

In addition to a spirometry test, workers can come to CareWell for a wide variety of occupational health services. Our clinicians perform physicals for insurance purposes and for DOT medical cards. Workers can also get an EKG test or a flu shot. We perform drug screenings along with workers’ compensation and injury management services, and we can process blood work and urine in our on-site labs for faster testing and diagnostic services.