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Occupational Medicine

Save time and money with occupational medicine services from CareWell.

Occupational medicine services from CareWell Urgent Care can help employers to maintain a healthy and productive workforce easily, while also helping to save on medical expenses.

Companies often have a need for medical services. Whether it’s drug screenings, an insurance physical or urgent care for injuries and illness, getting occupational medicine services at the right time can help return workers to their duties quicker while also streamlining medical tests for certifications, insurance and other purposes.

Unless an employee has a serious or life-threatening medical condition, going to the ER for occupational medicine makes no sense. The wait times can be hours for patients suffering from minor injuries to joints, muscles or bones. And ERs simply aren’t the place to get a complete physical exam.

That’s where occupational medicine services from CareWell Urgent Care can help. With 17 locations throughout Eastern Massachusetts and in Warwick Rhode Island, CareWell provides a wide range of treatment in occupational medicine that can help your workers get the services they need quickly and cost-efficiently.

Serving a broad range of occupational medicine needs.

At CareWell, your employees won’t wait long for occupational medicine services. While wait times at the ERs can stretch into hours and booking an appointment with a primary care physician could take days or weeks, your workers can see a clinician at a CareWell Urgent Care center in as little as 15 minutes at most locations. Our occupational health services include:

Expert care from skilled clinicians in occupational medicine.

At CareWell Urgent Care, your employees can get excellent medical care in less time than it takes to answer a few emails or grab a bite of lunch. Our clinicians have expertise in treating a wide range of medical conditions, and can quickly help your workers get the medical clearances they need or put them back on the road to full health.

Our state-of-the-art facilities include on-site labs, x-ray machines, EKG equipment and other technology that enables us to diagnose and treat a variety of medical conditions on the spot. Combining convenience, excellence and a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, our occupational medicine services are simply a smart business decision for any employer.