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Flu Shot for Kids

Avoid the headache of getting a flu shot for kids.

As the annual flu season approaches, parents everywhere are intent on getting a flu shot for kids that can help to avoid days or weeks of illness and missed school.

While it’s not a foolproof vaccine, the flu shot provides the best course of protection against seasonal influenza. Yet getting a flu shot for kids can seem like a nightmare, with lots of time spent waiting in line at the flu clinic after school or on a Saturday morning. And spending a couple hours with restless kids who are dreading getting a shot is no fun for any parent.

That’s why every CareWell Urgent Care center offers a flu shot for kids that can be delivered quickly – most families wait an average of just 15 minutes. That means you can stop by CareWell on the way home from practice or afterschool and get a flu shot for kids that will help to best protect them during the winter flu months.

We’re experts at a flu shot for kids.

Our clinicians are experts at providing urgent care for kids. We know that a trip to the doctor’s office can be scary and unsettling, and our team has lots of experience at soothing nerves and creating a comfortable environment.

When you get a flu shot for kids at CareWell, your child will be treated in a professional care room by a clinician with professional qualifications and experience in delivering vaccines. That’s in stark contrast to the flu shot for kids offered by big-box retailers and grocery stores, where it’s hard to know anything about the technician performing the vaccination, and where a flu shot for kids is delivered behind flimsy, temporary screens next to the over-the-counter cold medicine aisle.

More than a flu shot for kids: complete urgent care medical services.

At CareWell, we provide a broad range of types of urgent care services, from urgent care for infants age 6 months and up to urgent care for children, teenagers and adults. We treat colds and flus, infections and illnesses, accidents and injuries, allergies and other ailments. In addition to a flu shot for kids, we also provide other vaccines and health screenings as well as routine physical exams and occupational medical services that help employers maintain a healthy workforce. Our clinics are open seven days a week and no appointment is necessary to see our physician-led clinical team. When it comes to payment, we accept all major insurance programs, including Medicare and Medicaid, and we offer low, affordable rates for patients without health insurance.