Bianca Wilfork Bio:


Bianca is the wife of professional football player Vincent Wilfork. They have three children D’Aundre (17) Destiny (12) & David (5) all of which live between Lake Wales, Fl and Franklin, Ma.

From an early age Bianca has held the role of caregiver. Throughout her childhood, she exceled in raising and nurturing her younger sister Nicole and younger brother Angel. Bianca came from very humble beginnings where resources were slim and financial burdens were grave. Growing up, she split her time between Miami, Fl with her father and Gainesville, Fl. with her mother. Regardless of which city she was in, one constant remained money and resources were tight for her family.

Bianca was a single parent at an early age and as a result had to work two full time jobs to support them. At times Bianca had to rely on public assistance including food stamps and welfare. 
A few years later, she would meet who would become her future husband and have two more children. During that time she went back to school and received an associates degree in business and a bachelors degree in human services with a concentration in management.

She has founded and is currently the Co-Director of the Vince Wilfork Foundation. The charity supports funding for diabetes research and awareness. The foundation also focuses on inner-city youth and the disadvantaged.

Her relationship with Urgent Care Center trace back to her days in Florida. Bianca worked two jobs with limited resources and even less spare time but still having to make sure her family had quality health care.

Although Bianca’s circumstances have changed a lot in life her relationships with Urgent Health Care Centers haven’t. Even though they have great pediatricians and primary care physicians, Bianca relies heavily on Urgent Care Centers for her entire family whether in Massachusetts or Florida.  She depends on their convenient hours and quality care doctors. Kids with ear infections, sore throats, minor injuries, scrapes, school physicals, you name it Bianca and her family rely on Urgent Care.