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Avoid the busywork of medicine by working with CareWell
Large providers and emergency rooms routinely drown physicians in mountains of paperwork, but CareWell’s urgent care centers help physicians do what they love: practice medicine.

With rising costs and shrinking revenue streams, many hospitals are forcing their talented clinical staff members to transform themselves into financially conscious, business­minded employees, too. You might have been drawn to the medical profession because of a desire to help patients, but is that still possible when you have hours of paperwork to finish every night?

The doctor’s burden
Due to their specialized skill sets, physicians usually expect to work long hours. However, most clinicians don’t want those hours to be spent locked in an office filling out stacks of paperwork they can measure with yardsticks. According to some studies, the average physician in a large hospital setting spends upward of nine hours per week on administrative tasks that have nothing to do with seeing or treating patients. In fact, the advent of the electronic health record has only increased the administrative burden the average physician is forced to shoulder.

Practice medicine­ – and that’s all
For physicians who want to cast off the shackles of bureaucratic medicine and return to their roots of helping people, CareWell’s urgent care centers offer the perfect work environment. Instead of checking boxes for hours every night, CareWell physicians can adopt a single­minded focus on their patients. Moreover, you might not find a more flexible place to practice medicine. With three 12-­hour shifts per week and alternating weekend duties, CareWell lets you be the physician you want to be without sacrificing your work­life balance like so many other clinicians are forced to do.

Write prescriptions, not paperwork
Some physicians enjoy the administrative aspect of modern medicine, but for those who prefer a more personal daily experience with the people they’re treating, CareWell’s urgent care centers could be the perfect place to work. With flexible scheduling and a dedicated administrative department to handle most, if not all, of the paperwork, you can come into work in the morning knowing that you’ll be doing what you love: seeing patients and nothing else.

Contact your nearest CareWell urgent care center today to see how they can help you become the doctor you’ve always wanted to be.

Full­time Benefits include:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Medical, dental, & vision insurance
  • Company paid life insurance
  • Voluntary supplemental life insurance for employee, spouse, and/or dependent(s)
  • 401K with company match (all employees)
  • Paid time off
  • Holidays
  • Monthly bonus incentives

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