The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work. Many people are working from home, with no return to the office in sight, but for others, working from home is simply not an option.  At CareWell, we have engaged with employers and employees to help navigate through the pandemic.

Employees are understandably anxious about returning to the workplace. The stakes are highest for older workers and people with pre-existing health conditions, but anyone can feel anxious. We are still learning about the virus, so it’s hard to predict how the virus will affect any given individual. Employees want to stay healthy, and they don’t want to bring COVID-19 home to their families.

Employers have to  balance their responsibility to keep employees safe with their responsibility to keep their businesses running. To protect employees, many employers have instituted policies requiring face masks and social distancing; they have added physical dividers and they are thoroughly cleaning common spaces. Testing is another important tool in employers’ arsenal. Companies approach this in a number of ways: some are testing everyone before they come back on-site. Others are doing randomized testing. Regardless of how a workplace is set up, testing is key to identifying and stopping outbreaks, and it gives employees some peace of mind.

COVID-19 testing is one of the many services that CareWell Urgent Care provides to both employees and employers.

CareWell CFO James Jarrett was recently a guest on the Radio Entrepreneurs podcast where he talked about the different types of companies CareWell has been working, and new services being offered to help keep employees safe during the crisis.

To listen, click here: Keeping your employees safe through efficient testing