The most important thing in the morning isn’t necessarily a well-balanced breakfast; it’s to do something for yourself. Think about it, you probably spend most of your day doing things for other people: getting the kids off to school, working for an employer, making the family dinner. It’s a sobering reality — we give very little time to ourselves. Regular exercise is important to your overall physical and mental health, and there are plenty of reasons to kickoff your morning with a workout. However, getting out of bed, especially on a cold morning, isn’t always easy. Here are some tips to becoming a morning workout person.

1. Have your workout clothing/gear ready to go the night before

If you have to look for a missing running shoe in a dark room, it may be easier to talk yourself out of the workout and get back in bed. Lie out your workout clothes and/or pack a gym bag the night before so there are no excuses.

2. Workout with a friend

Accountability is a surefire way to get you out of bed. Knowing a friend is waiting for you at the gym may give you the extra kick you need to get yourself to exercise each morning.

3. Pay for your workout

Joining a gym or paying for a particular workout class is motivation not to let your hard-earned money go to waste.

4. Get a good night’s rest

You’ll never drag yourself out of bed if you only got a few hours of sleep. Make sure you’re going to bed at a consistent time each night and getting at least seven hours of sleep.

5. Figure out a good breakfast

You don’t have to eat before a workout if it’s not for you — do what makes you feel best. If you’re starving when you wakeup, choose something small like a banana or protein shake. Exercising on an empty stomach is fine, as long as you fuel up after the workout.