When the weather turns cooler, one of the first things people usually think about is how they can finally avoid getting sick this year. I’ve managed to do it once or twice in the past, but I’ll admit it took quite a bit of vigilance on my part to make it through cold and flu season completely unscathed. The common cold earned its named, after all, for just one reason: it seems to be everywhere. So what exactly should you do if you plan to greet spring without having dealt with a single sniffle? Read on and find out.

Proven Ways To Beat The Common Cold

If you think the only way people can spread their germs is through a cough or a sneeze, you’re sadly mistaken. First of all, even breathing or talking can send virus particles sailing out of someone’s mouth and through the air around them. But you’re most likely to pick up germs through some type of direct contact with an infected person. For example, shaking hands is the number one way to transfer a cold virus between people. That’s why frequent hand washing and using a hand sanitizer is so crucial to staying well all winter.

If you think avoiding air travel will help, studies have shown that flying in a plane is no more likely to get you sick than working in a common office environment. In fact, it’s more from your hands coming into contact with the virus somewhere, be it another person, a countertop, or a handrail, and then touching your own face that spreads germs more than anything else. If you can manage to both keep your hands clean and away from your face (which is tougher than it sounds, believe me), there’s a very good chance you won’t be another victim of the common cold sometime this winter.