If you’re like millions of other people around the world, you’re looking forward to celebrating Halloween – even if you don’t have children! But if you do have kids and your plans include roaming through the neighborhood in search of treats with them, take a look at our handy list of Halloween safety tips to help keep everyone in your crew, both the young and the young-at-heart, out of harm’s way.

Smart Halloween Safety Tips For Everyone

1) Remember To Take Your Cell Phone – Sure, they may not be authentic to your costume but they’re still the best way to maintain contact if your group decides to choose different routes or meet-up plans change.

2) Reflective Tape and Flashlights – As the sun goes down your visibility to others becomes more and more important. Fresh batteries in an LED flashlight and reflective tape on costumes or candy bags will help you stand out when vehicles make their way down the street.

3) Watch Where You’re Walking – Street lights and sidewalks make for the safest path on Halloween, so stick to them whenever possible. Also, be extra careful when crossing the street, and always walk.

4) Drive With Caution – If you happen to be out driving during prime trick-or-treating hours, please slow down and be extra careful when navigating through residential areas. In their excitement to cross a street children may suddenly dart from between parked cars or away from their group.

5) Dress With Safety In Mind – Costumes and shoes should fit properly to avoid tripping and falling, and ensure your choice of material is flame-resistant! And steer clear of candles if people have them set up as part of their holiday decorations. One more thing, you may not know this, but decorative or novelty contact lenses can actually damage your eyes! You may think they complete the costume, but it’s not worth taking a chance with your vision just for a few hours of fun.

7) When You’re Finally Finished – Check all the treats for anything suspicious or simply out-of-date. Make sure everything is properly wrapped and throw away anything that causes you to have doubts regarding its safety for your child.

It’s hard enough keeping away from of all the ghouls, goblins, witches, and zombies roaming around on Halloween, but these tips will go a long way toward getting everyone out there back home safe and sound.