A spring trip can be fun but only if you plan accordingly. A spring trip can be fun but only if you plan accordingly.

A spring trip means lots of sun and fun for families across the U.S. But no trip can be a success unless you and your family are properly prepared before hitting the beach or other sun-soaked destination. Consider these safety tips when getting ready for that eagerly awaited vacation:

What you wear matters
Everyone in your family should wear sunglasses while on vacation. Buy frames that have a 100 percent UV protection rating and cover most of your face, not just the eyes. Spring break also means fun activities, and whether biking or jet skiing, everyone in the family needs helmets and protective wear. Also, take any safety courses for unfamiliar equipment.

Always plan ahead
If you're hitting the beach this spring, children need company in the water and on the shore. Older children are a great resource to help out with their siblings. Additionally, it's easy to get lost or separated on vacation. To prevent that from happening, agree on a meeting spot for the entire family. And if the kids have cell phones, make sure your numbers are programmed in the devices.

Slather on the sunscreen
Kids should never use the same sunscreen as adults, and they need special brands that offer added protection while also being 100 percent waterproof. Just be sure to check for allergies before applying any brand. Depending on the child's activity level, you may need to apply a new coat every couple of hors. 

Make room for snacks
It's always a good idea to bring some small snacks out on the road with you. Just don't choose anything overly sweet or packed with sugar. Instead, give your family ample energy by providing treats like nuts and fresh fruit. Similarly, everyone should drink plenty of water, as it's easy to become dehydrated while being active.